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Conversion of particle size of molecular sieve (mesh and mil


The mesh number indicates that the smaller the particles, the molecular sieve particles tend to be powder, but in fact they are particles; the smaller the mesh number, the molecular sieve particles are reduced, and the jiuzhou molecular sieve particles of about 8 * 12 mesh are large .
The general definition refers to the screen in the area of ​​inches * inches, the material can pass through the screen, the number of holes of the screen is defined as the mesh.
As you can see, the sample can pass through a screen with mesh openings in inches*inches. By analogy, the mesh scale indicates the finer material size; the smaller mesh size indicates the material size.
The sieving size is the size of the mesh that the particles can pass through the screen. It is expressed as the number of meshes in the screen with an inch width, so it is called the mesh number.
The conventional molecular sieve corresponds to the expected value:
4*8 mesh = 3-5mm
8*12 mesh = 1.6-2.5mm
As far as molecular sieve meshes are concerned, the specifications of standard sieves in different countries are different. The commonly used Taylor system uses the number of holes per inch as the sieve number, which is called the mesh.

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