Liquid Sodium Silicate

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Liquid Sodium Silicate

Product name: liquid sodium silicate
Chemical formulaNa2.mSiO2
CAS NO.1344-09-8
Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid


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Descriptionproduct name:liquid sodium silicate,water glass、foam flower base. liquid sodium silicate is strong alkali weak acid salt,It is very important silicon chemical products. It can be used in industry directly; also can be deep in solution to different products. Widely use in the national economy industry.  
Application: as one material for silica gel white carbon black、zeolite molecular sieves、ludox silicate series products; It is the material of detergent powder and soap;It is water softener;used in dying textile industry bleach and sizing;widely used for casting machinery industry、grinding wheel production and metal preservatives;used in the manufacture of quick-drying cement in the construction industry、acid proof refractory material;adhesive electrode production.


Specification Unit Type -2 Type-4
Fe Content %,≤ 0.05 0.05
Insoluble water %,≤ 0.40 0.60
Na2o Content %,≥ 8.2 9.5
Sio2 Content %,≥ 26.0 22.1
Baume degrees(20o   39.0-41.0 39.0-43.0
Density (20o g/cm3 1.368-1.394 1.368-1.394
Modulus   3.1-3.4 2.2-2.5
·Store in drums. Shipping in stable, loading in stable, no leaking, no collapse, no damage, cannot ship with acid and food products.

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