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Application of molecular sieve in polyurethane system

1- Polyurethane is generally produced by the reaction of polymerized polyisocyanate with hydroxyl-containing polyols and polymerized amines. Polymeric polyisocyanates are very active and can react with trace water in polyols and other compon...


The adsorption and Addition amount of Jiuzhou zeolite molecu

The adsorption , Addition amount ,Jiuzhou zeolite molecular sieve powder...


The application of molecular sieve powders in metallic paint

JZ-AZ molecular sieve is formed after deep processing of synthetic molecular sieve powder. It has certain dispersion and fast adsorption capacity; Improve stability and strength of material; Avoid bubble and increase of shelf- life . In met...


Conversion of particle size of molecular sieve (mesh and mil

The mesh number indicates that the smaller the particles, the molecular sieve particles tend to be powder, but in fact they are particles; the smaller the mesh number, the molecular sieve particles are reduced, and the jiuzhou molecular siev...


How to choose proper molecular sieve for O2 concentrator?

Molecular Sieves are widely used in PSA system to get high purity O2. An O2 concentrator takes in air and removes nitrogen from it,leaving an O2 enriched gas for use by people requiring medical O2 due to low O2 levels in their blood. Jiuzho...


Choose proper carbon molecular sieve for nitrogen generator

Jiuzou carbon molecular sieve is a new type of non-polar separation adsorbent. It has the ability to adsorb oxygen molecules in the air at normal temperature and pressure. It can be converted into a nitrogen-rich body. The purity of the pro...


Which system can Jiuzhou Oxygen Molecular Sieve used in?

VPSA PSA Type: JZ-OM9 , JZ-OML , J Z-512O , JZ-OI9 , JZ-OIL...


How does molecular sieve oxygen generator works

It uses the adsorption and desorption technology of molecular sieve. The oxygen generator is filled with oxygen molecular sieve, which can absorb nitrogen in the air when it is pressurized. The remaining unabsorbed oxygen is collected and b...


why activated alumina and molecular sieve adsorbent broken a

why activated alumina and molecular sieve adsorbent broken and be dust in the dryer...


How long is the shelf life of Shanghai Jiuzhou carbon molecu

How long is the shelf life of Shanghai Jiuzhou carbon molecular sieve? JZ-CMS carbon molecular sieve can be preserved for 3-5 years under sealed condition. 3-5 years can be guaranteed if the pre-treatment are well done while using. If the p...


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